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Client deauth when Force DHCP enabled [issue ER-4992 is back]

New Contributor II
Android client is deauthenticated when roaming within same subnet. This behaviour is reproducible when Force DHCP enabled. 

Issue ER-4992 was fixed in firmware 9.13.3 (MR3 Refresh4) but is back in latest firmware for ZD1200.

When Force DHCP is disabled, no issues with roaming. But this will cause unwanted clients with static IPs connecting to our network.

Background of ER-4992:
Resolved an issue where, if Force DHCP was enabled, clients would be deauthenticated after roaming to another AP if the VLAN after roaming was the same as the previous VLAN. [ER-4992]

Esteemed Contributor II
That's definitely a bug!  Do you have a case, and I would insist on an image with the bug fix?

Hi Michael, See my reply below.

New Contributor II
Here's the case number: Case #00822526

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Setup the topology as attached in picture below. Everything in the SAME subnet.
  2. Setup ZD1200 with firmware build 42. Configure your WLAN SSID using the config below.
  3. Go to Wireless LANs > Edit WLAN > enable “Enable Force DHCP, disconnect client if client does not obtain valid IP in 30 secs”. See screenshot below.
  4. Your wifi should be internet enabled (means user can browse any internet websites from their device)
  5. Connect an Android device to your wifi. Open Terminal on Android and ping your router IP continously.
  6. Make the Android device roam from one AP to another. If you have space constraints, contact Ruckus Development/Engineering team lead on best practices to test device roaming.
  7. Notice after roaming to another AP, the Android device cannot ping router IP. Android device has NO internet. [Not OK].
  8. Go to Wireless LANs > Edit WLAN > DISABLE “Enable Force DHCP, disconnect client if client does not obtain valid IP in 30 secs”.
  9. Android device immediately resumes pinging router IP.
  10. Go to Wireless LANs > Edit WLAN > ENABLE “Enable Force DHCP, disconnect client if client does not obtain valid IP in 30 secs”.
  11. Immediately, Android device cannot ping router IP. Android device has NO internet. [Not OK].
  12. Question: Why does “Enable Force DHCP” affects android devices?Image_ images_messages_5f91c43a135b77e2479ccfc4_b16b9f51e97bf245dc8d9450e2221fd7_RackMultipart201808081564323uw-358387f5-49b1-4551-b81f-90797f2ae042-540205114.png1533717743

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43a135b77e2479ccfc4_2d850120842238de5724c3775d3f4f08_RackMultipart2018080838882ouy8-e9e41c2c-4d64-452d-911f-bcf812a244d8-2111960574.png1533717859

WLAN Service:
      NAME = Employees
      Tx. Rate of Management Frame(2.4GHz) = 24.0Mbps
      Tx. Rate of Management Frame(5GHz)   = 24.0Mbps
      Beacon Interval = 100ms
      SSID = Employees
      Description = Employees
      Type = Standard Usage
      Authentication = open
      Encryption = wpa2
      Algorithm = aes
      Passphrase = hidden
      FT Roaming = Disabled
      802.11k Neighbor report = Disabled
      Web Authentication = Disabled
      Authentication Server = Disabled
      Called-Station-Id type = wlan-bssid
      Tunnel Mode = Disabled
      Background Scanning = Enabled
      Max. Clients = 500
      Isolation per AP = Disabled
      Isolation across AP = Disabled
      Zero-IT Activation = Disabled
      Priority = High
      Load Balancing = Enabled
      Band Balancing = Enabled
      Dynamic PSK = Disabled
      Rate Limiting Uplink = Disabled
      PerSSID Rate Limiting Uplink = 0
      Rate Limiting Downlink = Disabled
      PerSSID Rate Limiting Downlink = 0
      Auto-Proxy configuration:
        Status = Disabled
      Inactivity Timeout:
          Status = Enabled
          Timeout = 30 Minutes
      VLAN-ID = 1
      Dynamic VLAN = Disabled
      Closed System = Disabled
      Https Redirection = Disabled
      OFDM-Only State = Enabled
      Multicast Filter State = Disabled
      802.11d State = Enabled
      Force DHCP State = Enabled
      Force DHCP Timeout = 30
      DHCP Option82:
          Status = Disabled
          Option82 sub-Option1 = Disabled
          Option82 sub-Option2 = Disabled
          Option82 sub-Option150 = Disabled
          Option82 sub-Option151 = Disabled
      Ignore unauthorized client statistic = Enabled
      STA Info Extraction State = Enabled
      BSS Minrate = 24.0 Mbps
      DTIM period = 1
      Directed MC/BC Threshold = 5
      Call Admission Control State = Disabled
      PMK Cache Timeout= 720 minutes
      PMK Cache for Reconnect= Enabled
      NAS-ID Type= wlan-bssid
      Roaming Acct-Interim-Update= Disabled
      PAP Message Authenticator = Enabled
      Send EAP-Failure = Disabled
      L2/MAC = Blacklist
      L3/L4/IP Address = No ACLS
      L3/L4/IPv6 Address = No ACLS
      Precedence = Default
      Proxy ARP = Enabled
      Device Policy = No ACLS
      Vlan Pool = No Pools
      Role based Access Control Policy = Disabled
      SmartRoam = Enabled  Roam-factor = 4
      White List = No ACLS
      Application Recognition & Control = Enabled
      Apply ARC Policy = NO POLICY
      Client Flow Data Logging = Disabled

Esteemed Contributor II
Great, please open a ticket and provide your information, so one of our TSEs can assist with tracing the activity.