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System up time is negative

New Contributor
I found out the my SZ104 system uptime is negative. I already setup the time zone. Also, the system uptime is keep from -60s to -1s in cycle.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e6135b77e2478d35f5_a63cc4203d62a9be09cd92f459388a9f_RackMultipart201808046614112cg-fe4ac66d-4664-4181-8905-47f9b597bef1-2045983876.png1533345030

Valued Contributor

Did you resolve this symptom?

This symptom result from NTP time sync.

If you worked installation of SZ at closed network environment(SZ <-> PC) prior to attach network line, it would happen sometimes.

When you did a initial work at closed network environment(SZ <-> PC) private network environment, SZ sync clock from your pc time.

At that time, SZ is synced GMT + your clocktimezone(such as +7:00) and a clock of the SZ is adjust to future time(current +7:00).

Atfe complete of initial, if ntp is synced properly from internet ntp server, your SZ goes back current time (current time).

Unfortunatly, the SZ recognizes this clock is past because he already was gone future(+7:00).

Thus it happens this symptom.

If you want to resolve, two solution are existed.

First factory-reset and do re-initializng work with ntp syncing proprely.

Second, wait for future time. If you reach future(current + 7:00), your SZ works normal.

I don't know if it's a bug or a limitation of DB. But similar symptom happens sometimes in DB server.

Anyway be carefully this problem when you do initial-work offline(SZ <-> PC).