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Cisco Wireless Phones and Ruckus??

New Contributor II

We have a client who is experiencing intermittent issues with their Wireless Phones and we have done a fair amount of troubleshooting to little avail.

Ruckus support suggested to upgrade to 9.6 as they were aware of issues with Wireless Phones.

My question is, does anybody else run a similar setup to us and if so, do you experience any problems??

Cisco CME with 7921 Phones
Ruckus ZD3000 with Ruckus AP's.

We are running the latest firmware on the phones (1.4.5) and the Ruckus is 9.6

The issues are that calls are dropping out, audio is being lost and one sided conversations. The corded phones are fine, it only affects the Wireless phones.


Esteemed Contributor II
Specifically, please upgrade the Ruckus to (MR2) with latest VoIP bug fixes, not in (GA) or (MR1).

New Contributor II

We had this issue logged with Ruckus six months ago and have already upgraded twice on the advice that the next firmware up will fix VOIP issues and this will be the third upgrade so I am very skeptical as to whether this will actually work.

Have you any documented evidence to prove the upgrade will fix our issues or is it just a case of 'We don't know so upgrade'?


New Contributor II
I have just read the release notes and the only mention of phones is to do with 'Ascom/ALU 8118 IP Phones dropping connections during roaming'

I am not going to upgrade (again) for the sake of it without more evidence that issues specific to our situation have been fixed.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Laurie,

You're point it well taken. While 9.6.2 has a number of generic VOIP fixes that *might* address your issues, there are also environmental, and best-practice guidelines that must be taken into account. Here on the forums, it's not practical to address all of those complexities, and so the best course of action is to open (or re-open) a support case to make sure all variables are addressed.