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Change Password Regularly

New Contributor II
We have a ZD1100 and three APs. There are three SSIDs, one for devices, one for management, and one guest. The ones for device and management have big nasty passwords for security that don't get published. The guest access has a password but it get's published. For security I change is regularly, but then I have to let everyone know what is the new password.

I would love to get a solution where the guest password was changed daily and I could ready it in code to publish on our intranet. I can write what ever code is needed to retrieve the password, but is there any way to get it?

Has anyone every set up something like this?


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Bernard,

We do have an option of batch generation of Dynamic-PSK, however, that wont help you as it can be used by Max 4 clients at a time.

The best way to achieve what you are looking for is to setup and GuestPass admin account and Generate a password valid for a day which can be shared with multiple Guests. GuestPass admin can then generate a Key on daily basis by just logging into https:///guestpass.

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Or else, you can generate Multiple Guest Pass keys at once and make it valid for say 10 weeks. And you can just publish one key a day for Guests to use.
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For more details, please refer to User Guide or following KBA:


New Contributor II

Your link to the KBA is not working. Is there some other way I can get the KBA?

I just cross checked and the KBA link is working. Are you logged into your support account to access the KBA? If not, can you try logging and then check for the KBA.

Yes I am logged in.