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Certificate errors while login using Portal.

New Contributor II
Hi, I am using VSZ , and I get Certificate errors while login using Portal. then procured new cert from godaddy and imported in to VSZ and still i get the same error. please help to resolve this issue thanks

New Contributor II
I am using Wispr and still have issues with accessing the portal URL from Chrome.( latest version). But in IE it allows us to get in to the url after the unsecured warning. We procued the SSL from Godaddy . 

New Contributor II
What kind of issue do You have with Chrome, can You describe ? Did You set up system->certificates->service certs-> hotspot proper certificate ?

New Contributor II
Hi I updated in the certificate Store of VSZ Essential . Another issue I noticed is session time out . Even though i set up session time out for a week , it expires every time we connect again. 

What about the grace period ? 
"Grace Period: Set the time period during which clients will not need to re-authenticateafter getting disconnected from the hotspot. Enter a number (in minutes) between 1 and 14399."

Valued Contributor
Could you see like below?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43a135b77e2479cfea1_789b7f9adf56ce6b0a060914488a1eba_RackMultipart201801045394516qn-d59f6b80-8bdf-41bd-9b95-39863fdf1578-168275022.PNG1515038578

If you see HSTS on warning page, it's problem related HSTS portocol but not problem on SZ side.