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Captive portal for Guest access is not working with IP address

New Contributor II
Hello techies,
I am very new to Ruckus. In my company, they are using ZD1200 firmware Version build 35. There are two SSIDs are running in the network one for staff members and one for Guest users, both SSIDs are configured with captive portal.
Now the issue is with guest SSID when a user connects to guest SSID will redirect to an FQDN but this domain name is not resolved and displays "page not found" error. In case If the user types the IP address of the controller manually, it will work fine. This redirection is working fine with FQDN in staff SSID. Please help me with this.

New Contributor III
Hi Girarj,
can you try this command on one of the APs and paste here the output?
get dns-cache get-ipaddr  

It seems a problem with DNS resolution to external portal.



Hello David,
It show "OK"  when I run that command.

rkscli: get dns-cache get-ipaddr