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Did you mean: and additional security issues?

Contributor II
The release notes for these two versions state "Resolved two security issues related to UI vulnerabilities. For security incidents and responses, see", but the security site doesn't seem to list anything newer than ID 20191224, which should have been resolved with

Do these fix additional security issues or are the release notes referencing the issues that were actually resolved in the previous versions?

Support couldn't assist without a specific serial, which doesn't make sense for release-related inquiries.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Mitchell,
   We've "pro-actively" posted ZD patch builds, ahead of the new Security Bulletin (ID-20200302) that will provide more detail on Mar 2. We will have a SmartZone AP patch to apply to latest SZ releases,and a Solo AP firmware across the models that need it, to complete our vulnerability protection. I was part of the team who did the ZD release notes, and you saw our vague description for now... We will update the info in them after Mar 2. Thanks and best regards.

Understood, thanks!