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Cannot ping ZD

New Contributor

I am unable to access or ping my 2 zone directors. Everything was working fine up until yesterday. APs are still online, but no ZDs. I have rebooted both ZDs, tried different cables and different switch ports but it will not ping or allow me to access via web GUI. Has anyone ever ran into an issue like this? 

Nothing changed on the network side, it seems to just have randomly dropped off. 

We inherited this system and i'm not super knowledgeable when it comes to Ruckus devices, so I was hoping to get any info that could help point me in thr right direction


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Chris,

Check the ZD in below sequence.

1. Check power cable/power socket.

2. If ZD is powering up, check what is the status of "Status" LED.

    Flashing Green=Looking for IP

    Stable Green=Got the IP

    Flashing red=Botting up or got stuck in boot process.

    Stable red= Hardware failure.

3. If above is fine, check the Ethernet ports. Try accessing the ZD by directly connecting a laptop. See if you can access it locally.

4. If that is also clear, check SW port setting/configuration.

5. If everything looks good, try factory reset one of the ZDs and see if you can gain access after factory reset.

6. If that works, configure the 1st ZD, put it back to the network and follow the same for 2nd ZD.

7. If non of the above works, try accessing the controller using a console cable.

8. If that also doesn't work, open a case with support and get the ZDs replaced.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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Hello, Thank you for your response. In regards to Step 3. Would I access the ZD from a default IP(, or the one that it was previously assigned?

Hi Chris,

If static IP is configured on ZD, you need to assign an IP address to your laptop on the same subnet as ZD.

If ZD is set to dynamic IP address, than it should respond to default IP address.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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Valued Contributor II

I just would add that if APs are on-line and WiFi works, ZDs must be at least partly working, as if both ZD would be really down, than AP would be rebooting, trying to reestablish connection to ZDs.

So follow recommendations of Syamantak, and find out what is culprit (take into account that  ZDs most probably have static IPs, not DHCP). If you see port LEDs ok, and there is activity, you can connect to any AP through SSH (using ZD administrator username/password) and check connection to ZD status  (get director).

If connection is ok, it may be problem with WEB service on ZD, which sometimes happens after power failure. This may require firmware reload or evene RMA, but probability of such fault on 2 units in the same time is not  high.

So check direct connection from laptop to ZD, most probably you have some issues in the network, preventing your access to ZD (such as access lists or routing issues).

Are all your APs on the same subnet as ZDs? If WiFi still works, than most probably you have routing issues preventing your access.