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Can't get Zone Director 1200 to upgrade from build 41 to later firmware to support t310 series APs

New Contributor II
Been trying to upgrade the firmware so it can support later T310 series APs as they are not showing on Monitor>Access points to connect them to the Zone director but it just seems to be stuck on uploading no matter how long i wait.


Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Ian,

   When planning a ZD upgrade, start by reading the Release Notes for the version you are looking
to upgrade to.  Our latest ZD1200 firmware is 10.3 (GA), Release Notes, Software found here:

   The RN section Upgrading to This Version, shows the minimum firmware that can directly upgrade
to 10.3 is, our 10.1 (GA) release.  Find 10.1 (GA) Release Notes and Firmware here:

   The ZD1200 also supports the T310s/n/c/d model APs, so your APs should be able
to recognize the ZD and join ok.  You can then do another Backup/Upgrade to 10.3 (GA) if you want
to be on our latest, most feature rich level software.

   ZoneDirector best practices are to save a Backup from your current version, and add digits into
the filename to remind you what version it came from.  If you ever have to/want to downgrade, you
can restore the backup from that previous release of software.  Do this with each version upgrade.

   I hope this is helpful.

New Contributor II
How long would it typically take for a upgrade to complete? 

New Contributor II
Still gets stuck on uploading I left it for an hour to do it and it made no progress. I've made sure its got a entitlement file as I read its needed it to upgrade the firmware.

Hi i have the same problem. Did you solve it?