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Can't find 802.11d option in my ZD Configuration Panel

New Contributor
Hello - I am having trouble with IOS devices not connnecting or not performing with my Ruckus network.  IN other posts i have read that enabling the 802.11d will help this problem but i cannot seem to locate the option on my ZD WLAN configuration screen - is it possible my version does not contain the option?  i am running build 53.  the KB article here actually has a screen shot of the config screen but i have nothing below the "MAx Clients" line.  Any advice or help would be greatly apprecaited - thanks

Esteemed Contributor II
The 802.11d WLAN Advanced Option was introduced in ZoneFlex 9.1 release.
Version for example, has the option to help Apple clients.  It was not
in version 9.0, 8.2, or earlier.

New Contributor
hey thanks for the quick reply - can i download or buy that version of the software?

Community Manager
Community Manager
You can download this firmware from our support site. Choose the firmware based on your product model.

New Contributor II
CG, were you resolve your issue?