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Can only generate 1 guestpass at a time

New Contributor III
I have a customer using a ZD3000, up until recently, he could generate and print out as many guest passes as he wanted at a time, at this time he is only able to successfully generate guest passes 1 at a time. Anyone else have this issue, or know what might be the issue, we had recently updated the the most recent firmware, going back is not an option as he has R710 AP's in his environment. 

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Ray,

What version of ZD firmware did you/they have and do you/they have now?
You can create batches of Dynamic PSKs and distribute to users, but Guest
Passes have always been assigned to single userids (with up to the Max Devices
allowed under Configure::Guest Access, edit the GA service used).  Could you
have been creating batches of DPSKs on the previous version?

New Contributor
I'm having this exact same issue with 9.12.1. We can only generate one at a time, and when you choose multiple you get the splash screen for having generated them, but nothing ever downloads/displays for printing. Just a button asking if you want to go back and generate more.

Esteemed Contributor II
Please open a ticket with Tech Support, as it sounds like something which should be investigated.