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Zonedirector with Radius desk captive portal setup

New Contributor
Hello everyone, I urgently need help in setting up zonedirector to work with Radiusdesk to enable my users use Captive portal to log in. Any help is welcome.

Esteemed Contributor II
Wikipedia finds no matches for "Radiusdesk".

ZoneDirector provides built-in WebAuth or Guest Access portal, or can redirect to
an external HotSpot/WiSPr server that hosts the login page and AAA functions.

Please see "HotSpot" in the Ruckus ZoneDirector User Guide for further description.
Is this what you are looking for?

New Contributor
Thanks for your reply. However, what I find difficult is the url for the captive portal in radiusdesk. I have read and understood the configurations for the wispr in zonedirector. What I need is how to use radiusdesk in particular for my captive portal.