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Better Guest Pass generation control "Valid for" fields

New Contributor II

We are a ZD1150 customer with a dozen or so zf7982 AP's running firmware.

We are looking for greater control over the guestpass access "valid for" time settings.

Currently, the user generating the guestpass access has complete control over how long the guest wifi password is valid for.  I would like to recommend that there be an option put in the admin console to give administrators the option if they want that user generating the guestpass to have this flexibility or not.

My feature enhancement suggestion is under the tab "configure > guest access" in the admin console, which is to give the administrator a choice of either/or:

A)  The user generating the guestpass access code can set (or change) the current fields options as they are currently in the user interface.


B) The user generating the guestpass access code can set (or change) the current fields, except for the "creation type" and the "valid for" fields.  Only the administrator can specify in the admin console the default settings for the "creation type" and the "valid for" setting fields.  These fields would be pre-defined, and not changeable by the user creating the guestpass access codes.

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We have struggled with this lack of control, as we have had some employees handout wifi passwords that are for several weeks, months, or a year.  So we have been slow to adopt guest wifi access and haven't really implemented it, because of the potential of users camping on the wifi for a uncontrollable amount of time.

I am hoping that Ruckus will consider the suggestion and add this improvement to their already fantastic product.

Esteemed Contributor II
Please share your suggestions with your local Ruckus SE or Account team, who can submit Field Requests to our Product Managers to consider your ideas.  (Note: tech support doesn't submit FRs)