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Adding 7782-E ( to Zone Director 3000 (

New Contributor III

My Zone-director 3000 running is stuck trying to download my 7782-E that's running

It looked like the latest version for the 7782-E.

The Zone-director 3000 implied that the 7782-E is supported as the name showed up in a config pulldown

on the ZD-3000. It seemed to recognize the 7782-E as a supported AP.


I also noticed a note saying the AP can only be used for UP-LINK. Wondered it that's temporary.

I was hoping to use the 7782 in the MESH. Starting to suspect that MESH wont be supported.

I'm running a mesh in my home and have my neighbor set up with a R700 as a mesh node.

I have a 2Gz dish on my roof and was wondering if I could get better connectivity with

the 2Gz dish and likely an additional 5Gz dish.

Any suggestions?

Piet Delaney

New Contributor III

I've tried a few versions of the ZoneDirector 3000 firmware and they aren't working.

This web page

says 10.1.2 should work but I tried two Builds (, and build 212) and neither worked.

Build 212 said the zf7782 isn't supported and Build 277 gets in a look endlessly trying to download.

Was there an original Build 0 or 1 that did work and then it got sacked?

Any chance there is a web page like the one above that has the matrix of Zone Director versions and which access point they support?

Piet Delaney