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Autonomous Backup WLAN

Contributor III

whould be great if i can create a autonomous WLAN and mark this for "Backup" only. This WLAN gets only enabled if my AP restarts after X Minutes (Settings: AP "Auto-Recovery") and still have no Connection to my ZoneDirector.

It whould be also nice to map such a "Autonomous Backup WLAN" to a Zero-IT WLAN. If such a mapping exists the User should get provisioned both WLANs on his Device.

In combination with Zero-IT the Backup WLAN could be provide pretty easy. Because the WLAN gets only enabled if AP restarts after ZD Failure i think there is no Security issue.
If you use Zero-IT with DPSK, the ZD has a Hardware Failure and you don't want to activate each Device again for DPSK you still have to use SmartRedundancy.

Best Regards