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Auto-install of ZoneDirector possible?

New Contributor
When a ZoneDirector boots up, does it perform DHCP requests by default? I'm interested in pre-configuring DHCP on routers at remote locations, then sending an install team. The idea is to open a fresh box and just plug it in, with no configuration of the individual ZD by the installer (or by a pre-staging team). I'd like to have DHCP direct the ZD to a TFTP server with the filename of a pre-generated configuration file for that location. Is this possible with Ruckus? We previously did this with our Cisco solution that we are looking to replace.

Esteemed Contributor II
A factory defaulted ZoneDirector, not connected to a network, will come up with the
default IP You typically attach a pre-configured PC with 192.168.0.x
address, and use to configure the ZD thru the Setup Wizard.

When connected to a network with a DHCP server, the ZD will pull a DHCP IP
address, and you will need to find the ZD's MAC address on the server to determine
it's IP address then. Just the same, when you HTTPS into the ZD, you will have to
configure initially thru the Setup Wizard. While Ruckus is working on a text config
backup/restore, this is still a Feature Request at this time, so no auto-configuration
is possible at this date.