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Anyone using Cacti?

New Contributor II
I am running Cacti for monitoring our network, and would like to monitor the Zone Director as well. What I'm running into is that there are no Cacti templates out there and I'm not comfortable building my own. Has anybody built a Cacti template that monitors the ZD or APs?

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New Contributor II
Guys, I believe it's better if you could just download the templates on this link:

Let me know if you are able to download them. I will let the link online for some days..

How to:
Try to import the files to Cacti on the “Import templates” option, Console tab -> Import/Export.

I don’t know why but when I was exporting the Host template of Ruckus ZD 3000 I got an error on Cacti and was not able to export. But it is easy to create one after you import the files attached.

At the Console tab, click on Host Templates option and add a new one:
- Set a useful name for the host template.
- Associate 2 graphs to it:
Ruckus ZD 3000 – Clients
Ruckus ZD 3000 – CPU
- Associate one data query type:
SNMP - Interface Statistics
It will look like the image bellow:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247922e9b_4785cb7ca7cf332e6d16e69f525278da_cacti_inline-9286d97a-de3e-457f-9586-b55bcbe62a90-213462979.png1377092160

After that you need just to add your devices and create/customize your graphs.

Just another thing, I opened a case with Ruckus support for help with Cacti templates, MIBs etc., and after a while I gave up and just did my way..
I was not able to collect data using SNMPv3 😞 still don't know why and I didn't had much time to try it again as we needed the information at the time.. so, I'm still using SNMPv2 to collect data 😕 but it's graphing.. 🙂 I'll work on that later..

This is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. Worked great for me today.

New Contributor III

I've also constructed today cool monitoring using Cacti. Of course it is about to be modernized according to further needs, but it already satisfies what is missing in ZD interface: breakdown of traffic per SSID and historic number of users per SSID.

Both numbers can be important for customers.

Most important is the XML itself - I pool for OIDS:

This gives information about all SSID (indexed structure) and the data can be plot into a graph like this:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40e135b77e24793c116_4c22455aecb24094899ca4235770c438_screenshot_inline-7952b6f6-a66c-493f-9947-82ec7933a268-2072769743.png1378994621

Information about the name, ssid, authorization, encryption, VLAN, RX/TX limits and description are directly from ZD for each SSID. Cacti is automated to deploy graphs when there is new SSID created.

All fine since 1 hour 🙂

I've got the basic stuff from Odilo imported and it's working great. I'd love to add the per-SSID user counts you mention here, but I'm VERY new to Cacti and I'm not having luck deciphering how to accomplish what you've shown here. I think I understand the need to create a new Query XML but haven't figured out how to accomplish that. Any chance you could share your templates or provide some explanation on how to create them?