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Anyone having issues using captive portal and chromebooks?

New Contributor
We have a ZD5000 and R700 ap's. I setup a BYOD SSID as standard usage, open, no encryption, but enabled captive portal authentication and use Active Directory to authenticate users. This works great for iOS devices, android, laptops, etc. I connect a device to BYOD, and then either get the popup (iOS) or go to the internet and get redirected to the auth page on the controller.

Unfortunately, that doesn't happen on a chromebook. I either login as the cached user credentials, or "browse as guest", and then try to connect to the BYOD. I get a notification (sometimes) that I need to authenticate to finish the connection process, then the browser pops up, going to www.gstatic/generate_204. It then stays there until I get a cannot connect message. Any suggestions? We have opened a ticket with Google, but I wanted to see if Someone other than us has this issue.

Valued Contributor II

Reading your post and then making a search on the internet reveals that chromebook got some trouble passing the captive portal page and is a old one.

May be there is an update which fixes it

I am no chromebook user however Also in the post below there is an workaround mentioned which is worth trying -- " When connecting to a WiFi captive portal, logging out and adding a new user will show the captive portal overlay but will never hide it. To fix that, users must log out and then log in again. - See more at:"