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R700 AP 500 users

New Contributor II
Can anyone tell me if the advertised numbers of the R700 can really handle up to 500 users? This doesn't sound like real world to me.


Valued Contributor II
Hi Duane Hensley,

500 users mentioned are usually real numbers tested by QA in perfect conditions which are hard to get in REAL world + this number is when there is no security or encryption in place.

I have seen it that AP like a R700 can handle 60-70% of projected numbers in Open WLAN and real tough RF conditions too. 60% of projected numbers when security in place.

Again I am saying for what i have seen.

Hope this helps.

New Contributor II
Thanks for the response, but I saw this else where on this forum. I have it in quotes below.

Should I assume that the R700 is the same or is it really capable of around 300 clients (60%) real world?

Michael Brado (Official Rep) 8 months ago
7363 and 7962 dual-band APs have 64mb RAM

---- Maximum Users ----

TKIP : 26
AES : 100
Open: 250

7982 and 7372 dual-band APs have 128mb RAM

--- Maximum Users ---

TKIP : 26
AES : 100
Open : 500"

New Contributor II
This guy gave this response>

"Jay Files 3 days ago
...R500/R600/R700 should be the same as the 7982/7372 numbers listed above."

This is obviously a lot less clients than 60% of 500.

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, the advertised number 500 is maximum for Open auth client associations.

Real world use, where clients also pass more than just email/text traffic, would
reduce the best practice maximum users.