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Advanced monitoring via SNMP - AirTime Utilization etc.

New Contributor III

I'm advancing monitoring through SNMP. Our customer wishes to have some more parameters which are:
* airtime utilization which is presented in Flexmaster. Please provide the method how to calculate it from SNMP values (or better yet provide the OID).
* ratio of 2.4/5GHz customers. This I can calculate by myself, but what I miss is the OID including the number of current users in a WLAN (not on AP!) using 2.4 and 5GHz radio type.

Thank you!

New Contributor II
We would like to retreive (or calculate) the airtime utilization through SNMP as well. In the webinterface you calculate this percentage by deviding airtime-total by rf-samples. How to calulate this number from OID-retreiveble values?

New Contributor III
I am also curious to know if an OID for airtime utilization exists.

We currently use the command "get airtime wifiX" (where X=0 for 2.4GHz and X=1 for 5GHz) per AP. This command gives raw counters for Total, Busy (interference/PHY errors), Rx and Tx for the moment you issue the command.
For example, on an APs you can have this:

rkscli: get airtime wifi0

Raw counters:

Total: 430 1AE

Busy: 35 23

Tx: 265 109

Rx: 130 82


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I've checked around and it does not appear we have an OID for airtime utilization, but the command highlighted by alexf above could be used in combination with some scripting.

Also learned that the Rx data is promiscuous and does not only measure traffic destined for a known BSSID (one customer reported seeing little decline in nightly traffic as might be expected).

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@J to your second question, try