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Add option to disable prov.exe, prov.dpk, etc.

New Contributor
There is no way to disable prov.exe, prov.dpk etc and use only manual connection method with dpsk? Registering devices with the device itself generates so many empty MAC addresses, that I have disabled the Onboarding portal but I would also like to disable prov.exe. Then I could tell users to open browser, go to, log in with AD credentials, copy the network key and use it to join their phones and tablets to our guest network. No certificate errors, no hassle, just plain and simple WPA2 key.

Valued Contributor II
try cloud path

create a batch DPSK and give them to users either via email and make a note to whom it was given...

New Contributor II
Use a radius server for auth. No need for a key. Radius -> AD

New Contributor III
Can you advise about your SZ model and release version? We do not support those automated onboarding functions in 3.4+. We are supporting Cloudpath for any automated onboarding (as Monnat Systems suggests). For DPSK implementations, we do have the ability to generate DPSKs within SZ without going through onboarding portals.  

New Contributor
My bad, at the moment we are still using ZD and I thought that SZ works the same way. So if we are not using Cloudpath can users still generate DPSK themselves with SZ or do I have to generate it for them? And if they can, what is the address they have to browse to, is it controlleraddress/activate like in ZD or something else?