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About 802.11x + RADIUS configuration

New Contributor II
Currently I have WLANS "RADIUS" with 802.1x , AAA server "RADIUS" and I can connect this with my laptop and mobile device.

Then I want to create new WLANS "OFFICE" with 802.1x and same AAA server.

But I was failure to connect ....

If I changed 802.1x to open, I can connect to "OFFICE".

Thus what's the reason of the connection ?


New Contributor III
Hi Law,

In theory, that should work. However, we would need to know more details to understand what you might be running into. You mentioned that "RADIUS" WLAN works with same AAA server but "OFFICE" does not. Can you try a simple test (assuming this is in the lab), where you delete the "RADIUS" WLAN and try only the "OFFICE"? It would be interesting to see the result. Also, can you let us know the version of ZoneDirector and AP?

Hi Roberto,

As I checkd for RADIUS server, authentication succeed.

But I found error below error from event log of user's laptop pc.

"Reason: Dynamic key exchange did not succeed within configured time
Error: 0x0)"

Any idea ?



You may want to look at this article. It talks about your error.

Hi Roberto,

Just tried failure to connect even using mobile device.

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