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AP don ́t show SSID ́s in sz100

New Contributor II
Hi guys,
nice to talk to you again, we are configuring a sz100 with aps models r500, r600 and t300, the version of sz100 is but we have a problem: ap ́s don ́t show the ssid ́s that is configured in the controller.

when i clicked monitor-access points- i can see in Configuration status: update failed.

I think that this is a possible reason, any advice???

We have connectivity between both devices (ping) ap-controller. Ap ́s are registered.

ThanksImage_ images_messages_5f91c3e7135b77e2478d99d1_9ab349bea1ba8f19ff08aaa01159f642_RackMultipart2016021111592218m-515c9e40-b8ec-4324-a8c5-ed727f5d10e1-1337715707.jpg1455201376

New Contributor II
Hey there Golbert, shot in the dark here but we operate a vSCG (time to update I know) but we have to manually "upgrade" those access points to SZ firmware (they ship with zonedirector firmware) before they will completely join up with our vSCG. Took a while to figure that one out.  if you go to the ZoneFlex firmware downloads you should see the smartzone firmware.  If the APs are already on SZ firmware, I have been of no help!

New Contributor II
Maybe try to check if you have the correct ports open between the Controller and APs. Could update failed indicate that updating firmware through FTP is being blocked?