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AD or Radius login for Admins on Zone Director 1100

New Contributor
Is it possible to have a group of admins and do the ad or radius authentification for management?
I cant find nothing about this on the forums or the knowledgebase.
I've just found information about regular users but nothing for management.
Basically just a group of admins will be using their ad logins.
Could you point me into the right direction?

I am using ZD 1100 with 9.6 firmware.


Alguma informação sobre este tópico?
Estou tentando integrar via AD, mas estou perdido no Nome distinto do administrador e no Nome distinto da base, você poderia compartilhar como é a solicitação do AD e suas configurações de ZD?

Any information on this topic?

I'm trying to integrate via AD, but I'm lost in the Admin DistinguishedName, and in the Base DistinguishedName, could you share how the AD request is, and your ZD settings?

i give up on this ,
i setup a NPS ,all smooth and i can test AAA with ruckus ,the test pass smoothly too 
but when i login with real case fails 

New Contributor
I have the same problem for radius auth for admins into ZD. The manual doesn't say a word about assigning a user role, only groups... anyone figure this out?

EDIT: Apparently you have to match the names as in the photo above. Would be nice is this was spelled out a little more clearly. The group/role is basically the same for the Radius purposes, I guess.