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AD or Radius login for Admins on Zone Director 1100

New Contributor
Is it possible to have a group of admins and do the ad or radius authentification for management?
I cant find nothing about this on the forums or the knowledgebase.
I've just found information about regular users but nothing for management.
Basically just a group of admins will be using their ad logins.
Could you point me into the right direction?

I am using ZD 1100 with 9.6 firmware.


New Contributor III
Yes that is possible. Check on page 278 under the topic heading of "Using An External Server For Administrator Authentication".

I set this up a while back using AD and it works great. I still use Radius for 802.1x auth but LDAP for management auth. Also I can't remember 100% but I do not think you can do a group of a group. All your users will have to be added directly to your management group.

New Contributor II
same problem.
always fail on step 4.
but even pass 4, how to assign one user or AD group into the an Administrator Role in ZoneDirector?

4. Test your authentication settings (Configure > AAA Servers > Test Authentication

New Contributor III
Are you doing LDAP or Radius? Failing the test for Radius is normal if you don't use PAP. I think it is in some random manual but I know I saw it in an old forum post here

Once past step 4 you can go to "Roles" and create a new role and fill in the "Group Attributes" field with the group you want to tie to that role.

New Contributor II
hi Miko,
could u provide a sample for me. i need sceen snapshot.
thank u very much!!!!