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AAA servers and role based access

New Contributor


I am very inexperienced in administering Ruckus so please bear with me!

Essentially, we have been running a Ruckus setup that was installed by a now defunct company.

We are running a ZD1200 ZoneDirector, version build 41.


We are a school and had 3 instances of wlan, one of which was "BYOD" which ran using an AAA server , to give staff only access.

We have since had a huge re-install of virtual servers with all sorts of role changes.

 Since then, "BYOD" no longer lets anybody connect saying that they are “not allowed to access this WLAN”.

I managed to figure out that it was trying to access AD for authentication from an old server that had been superceded in the new install.

 I therefore changed the detail to that server in “AAA servers” and was able to test against my own username that it reported back all the correct user groups to which I belong.

 However, on trying to access BYOD itself , I still get the message “not allowed to access this WLAN”..

 Any ideas what I may be missing?