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ZoneDirector 1200 and Random Drops Outs

New Contributor
Currently, have 10 Ruckus R600 and a Zone Director 1200...

We are an all-MAC shop and users are experiencing random dropouts (where they have to reconnect and disconnect) and not transitioning smoothly from AP to AP.

Our vendor came in and installed a Zone Director and we are lost and all these issues that are happening. Proxy ARP is on if that helps but it's getting frustrating with our users.

Esteemed Contributor II
Troubleshooting client drops requires looking at logs for an affected client MAC to see why they disconnected...

Where your 10 APs are located relative to clients is also important.  Did you do an initial site survey to assure you have required
coverage in all areas?  Do clients report drops more in some areas?  You might have obstructions or interference affecting client
connectivity.  Do your clients roam frequently or work from the same stationary workspace, and do both type users experience probs?
Does everybody have a problem at the same time?  These observations can help focus troubleshooting.

The ZD WebUI Administer/Diagnostics page, has a Debug Logs section where you can enter a specific client MAC address, and
check certain components.  For client disconnects, I'd use Access Points, and Client Associations.  Run with these settings until
your client reports a problem.  You click the Save Debug Info button to save your logs, when you get their report.

Go also to the Monitor/Access Points page, and if you know the AP this client was on last, click the little blue/green (System Info) icon
to the far right of that AP.  Tech support can analyze your AP support info client details, with the ZD debug log output, to tell who dropped
whom, and for what reasons.

Personally, I recommend update your Apple firmware.  Good luck and best regards.

You tell us NOTHING about your setup.

WHAT are the software versions of:
1. the  AP points
2. the 1200
3. The macs.

Esteemed Contributor II
If you have Partner support, what does your Vendor think?  They are supposed to troubleshoot your issue, and if they can't figure it out, they are supposed to contact Ruckus (with logs/AP support info files, evidence they did some troubleshooting).

New Contributor II
Hi, we have the same issue, were you able to solve this?