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AAA Servers - LDAP configuration - Issue with authentication

New Contributor II
Hello everyone,

I tried to configure AAA server, type LDAP in order to allow only certain group to be able to generate guest pass. My settings are:
Base DN: dc=domain, dc=com
Admin DN: cn=admin, dc=domain, dc=com
Admin password: *********
Key attribute: sAMAccountName
Search Filter: &(objectCategory=Person)(sAMAccountName=*)(memberof=CN=RuckusGuestPass,OU=Ruckus Guest Pass,OU=Ruckus,DC=domain,DC=com)

This works partialy. For some reason, if users CN isn't same as sAMAccountName, authentication fail ! Some old users have same CN and sAMAccountName but for most of them CN is like First name, LastName (John Doe) and sAMaccountName is FirstnameL (JohnD).

Any idea why is this happening and if there is solution for this?

Tnx in advance !