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zone director 1200 - disclaimer setup, kickoff times and facebook issues

New Contributor

I have a zone director 1200 series with latest firmware which I have setup the majority of settings so far but need some assistance. I have checked the help files but I am unable to find any assistance there.

I would like kick off devices of a specific ssid after 1 hour of use then allow reconnection after 30 minutes is this possible and how ?

secondly I would like to setup a disclaimer when people connect to any ssid. Users connect by ssid and password or facebook login at present

and finally are there any peoples having issues with facebook setup, when I request it to setup social media login for facebook I receive an error message "register wlan failed" and can you use multiple social media types on one SSID ?

Help would be greatly appreciated.


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Gavin,

    A Guest Access type of WLAN can present the Disclaimer/Terms and Conditions that must be
agreed to, and we can schedule service of WLANs for only specific days/times.  You can have a
60 minute Session Timeout, forcing re-authentication, but not a 30 minute wait before next re-auth.
Facebook or other social media login access WLANs are supported, but different than Guest Access.
Configuration is outlined in KBA-5141 on Support:
You might want to confer with your local VAR or Ruckus account rep, to discuss some of your ideas
for consideration as Feature Requests.

New Contributor II
Hi Gavin, 

I guess this is taken care from one of our support team member.