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P300 Multipoint on same Switch

New Contributor II
HI Team

We've been provided a wireless bridge solution, however it doesnt appear to be working for us. As usual, they sell us the product then when it comes to problems they just handball it to tech support.

We called tech support and they need to investigate it.

The solution was 1st pair from building one to building two, then another pair from building two to building three. Bassically in building two there is a managed switch that connects the access points to pass the traffic through, however when they are both connected, wireless connection loses connection. If one of the access points on the switch is disconnected with POE injector added, the wireless connects no problems at all.

It appears that when 2 access points connected to the same switch, it conflicts. And I cant find any guide regarding this particular setup.

Anyone with some experience, please advise.


Esteemed Contributor II
Did you get further assistance from Tech Support?  What kind of managed switch was that?
Does the pair of bridge links form a network loop, such that switch spanning-tree might be blocking a port?
Or is it a PoE power draw on the switch issue, if using a PoE injector on one P300 in the middle solves the problem?

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Nope, I didnt get any update from tech support.

The switch is a Cisco managed switch. Theres no network loop at all, all ports are forwarding. We are able to get from AP1 to AP2 (Pair 1), and also able to reach AP3 but not from AP3 to AP4 as there is no wireless establishment at all. We know theres no network issues, as the routing is working and that it is powering up both devices on the managed switch. Problem lies the wireless connectivity between AP3 and AP4.

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Thanks, we can rule out STP on the switch blocking a network loop.

If you're in the central spot and disconnected AP2 from the switch, can you get the AP3 to AP4 link to come up?
If you left AP2 connected, and use a PoE injector on AP3, you say that will bring up AP3-AP4 link?
(Might that be indicating not enough PoE for both AP2 and AP3 on the switch?  Can you be sure to separate AP2
and AP3 physically apart on the switch, if one block has dispersed PoE to 3 other devices and hasn't enough left?)

New Contributor II
Yes I've already checked, its got enough power to power up many devices on the switch. However checking AP3, its got wireless status down? What does this mean?