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zd1100 with zf7372 Upgrade question

New Contributor II
Hi, I have a ZD1100 (version: build 15) which controls 7  ZF7372 APs (version: in my environment.
If I upgrade the ZD1100 to version (MR3), will the 7 ZF7372 APs automatically upgrade to version accordingly?
I have no experience on upgrading the ZD firmware, please help, thanks. ^^

Contributor II
yes. but there is a (refresh) with fixed issues on ZF7372

Valued Contributor
Hi SiuDic,
As Thomas stated when you upgrade the ZD it will also update the access points with the new software.


New Contributor II
Thanks Thomas & Martin.

I will upgrade it to, thanks.

Esteemed Contributor II
Like and Like to Thomas and Martin. 

SiuDic, start on your Administer/Backup page, save a ZD backup, and add the digits "961015" to the filename when you store it, so if you ever decide you need to downgrade back to, you can find this file and restore your current configuration.  That's a best practice (that's built into the Upgrade procedure, asking you if you made a backup, but I'll pre-notify you now, so you can click Ok and continue to upgrade). 

This might be the last 9.8 release for some time, and has all the updates and fixes for supported APs to date.