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Guest network on ZF7055 AP

New Contributor II

I need help to configure Guest Network in 7055
I'am configured wireless network and local network with DHCP for guests.
So now, I need to connect this network to another Ethernet port on AP, connected to DMZ network on the router in my network......
Here is the question: HOW? 


Contributor III
Well the ZF7055 doesn't support Guest Network without a Zone Director out of the box.  However, you can create a guest network through the use of VLANs and another SSID for guests. Note your router that you are using would then have to support VLANs. What router do you have?

New Contributor II
Thanks for your answer.
I have Forigate 92D router and Cisco 2960 switch with VLAN support.
So, I need to configure VLAN on my switch and AP, add DMZ port on the router and connect AP with the second network cable.... right?
Can I have options to configure VLANs with the same port, without adding second cable?

New Contributor II
What is correct config for the guest SSID by VLANID?
My AP connected with one cable via PoE port.
Created guest Wifi and changed Access VLAN ID.
Still cannot get IP from my DHCP server.
Cisco switch ports configured as trunks with DHCP relay.
Any additional config for the Ethernet ports in AP?