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limit devices per login credentials

New Contributor III

is there any way to limit devices per username? i have active directory authentication configured. all users can connect to wifi network with their credentials, but if user shares username/pass, they can simultaneously access internet.

so i'm looking for the way to limit one devices per username..

New Contributor III
You can accomplish this using Zero-IT configuration using D-PSK and limit the D-PSK to 1 client per device. Under Zero-IT config, select the AD server for authentication.

you can do it with freeradius, just need some scripting skills.. you can count device number per username.  

New Contributor
Hi Koen, We cant use Zero-IT Configuration because this is not compatible with Old Devices. Now we are using ZD5100-00, are there any other options for this? Thanks

Contributor III
Ruckus has a guest pass system integrated in to the ZD where you can assign login credentials per user and only allow 1 device to connect using those login credentials - or alternatively you can allow all users to log in using the same credentials

I'm no expert on AD, but I would have thought that you would have been able to accomplish the same restriction by means of ACL