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ZoneDirector 1200 Device Crash Freezing Issue

New Contributor

Hello all,
our Zonedirector 1200 model device is freezing. Unable to access console and web interface. Restarting the device fixes the problem, but after a few hours it freezes again. The status and power lights on the device are solid green. The power adapter was changed but the problem is not solved. Have you encountered such a problem? And did you find the solution?
Thanks in advance,



Contributor II

Since nobody from Ruckus is responding...

When ZD1200s fail, they fail with the 2 solid green LEDs.

Replacing components does nothing, and since there's an LPC clock advisory on the Intel CPU being used, I assume this is a very similar problem to the one which kills Atom C2000 network devices.

If you bought the ZD1200 new, then get ruckus to do an RMA. And backup your config while you still can.

If you bought used & Ruckus support won't RMA, and you can't move to unleashed, ZD1200s are <$200 on eBay. Do a backup and make note of your software release. Upgrade your eBay ZD1200 to the same release (do a factory reset while connected to the internet, so you pickup a temporary support entitlement), then restore your backup.

If you have lots of AP licenses on your used/gray-market ZD1200, you can try swapping the cfcard. Although the licenses are keyed to the ZD serial#, they carried on working on a new ZD last time I did a CF swap. Or let me know and I can list one one eBay for you with plenty of AP licenses.