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ZD5000 9.12.3 DHCP OPT82 - Causing user failure and roaming

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FriendsI have one big problem:
My wifi network has an external DHCP server (WAG7750 Alcatel), and when my users access the wifi network (zf7341 / ZD5000 build 83), the first connection happens normally. However, when the user moves, he loses the connection, and to get a new IP, it takes almost 2 minutes.
The only thing that changed was that the server was local, and now the server is external.

Since my configuration is with OPT82 - subopt1, the VLAN is being used to "direct" to the client portal. We ran the TAC with Juan C, who analyzed the packet capture, and said that the server is delaying sending the IP address after the request. But I understand that after the first connection, this process should be transparent, and we should not have this exchange of messages between the AP x server (exchange of messages due to update of OPT82 - APname / APmodel) - So I would like to know if the other options "subopt-2; 150, and 151 would facilitate in this process?

User roaming, but not exchanging messages with the server after the first connection.

Can anyone help?

We opened a call with NOKIA (WAG7750), but wanted an alternative solution, since the customer is very dissatisfied with our service.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3df135b77e2478bf0bb_c64250d0292b0887c752637bb5ef5759_RackMultipart2018060712703915c-420a0368-0032-4382-bbbe-956fa619d755-566301086.png1528333002

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No idea about other options/sub-options, but your provider DHCP is not performing. 
Can a wired PC do 'ipconfig /release' and 'ipconfig /renew' and get an IP update back
quicker?  I'd test wired and wireless clients on that.  OTW, it sounds like you need local
DHCP again.  Just $.02 as I don't have your provider.

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Hi Michel,

Thanks for the answer.

We are trying to configure the dhcp relay so it directs the handshake to the external server. The WAG Team is trying to understand the problem, since we do not have what to do in access (AP >> WLC), the wag should understand that the device mac already has an active session, and only release the same ip, and this it does not happen.