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R510 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP - What is for and what is it's limitations ?

New Contributor III
Hello friends !!
I am try to understand the position of the SO Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP.
I know about the unleashed and the zoneflex, but what is the deal with the HotZone?, there is any limitation like unleashed, its supposed to work standalone or in cluster ? It has beamflex ?
the clients limitations its based on hardware or the SO limited it too ?

And about the normal wireless architeture is anything different ?
It can do WPA2 enterprise ? vlan derivation(radius, AP paramameter(BSSID, location, MAC and etc)) ?

Esteemed Contributor II
Describing it as a HotZone AP, is the Solo/Standalone software designation for a ZoneFlex AP.
They ship with a Solo AP 104.x.x.x.x firmware that can join either ZD or SZ controllers, if desired.The Unleashed flavor of AP code, will not see/join a ZD/SZ network.

But what is its use, is like a boot-image so it can be managed and work some-how without a ZD or SZ ?But why use if I can make a zoneflex change to Unleashed ?