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Wireless support for Androids

New Contributor II
We have a new setup Zone Director 1200 and  about 40 APs r510  
We have a nurse call app (RCare) that communicates using the Ruckus Wifi, we have a dedicated Vlan and SSID
Problem is the Androids from the Vendor, Rcare is constantly dropping the connection or searching.  iPhones work normal as do laptops.     The vendor who setup the wifi did not setup as encapsulated as I thought was best practices.
Has anyone experienced anything like this and any suggestions? 

Esteemed Contributor II
A look into Debug logs might help.  From Administer::Diagnostics, enter an Android device MAC into the box, and check 802.1x and Client Association debug components.
After a period of time, when this User has/reports a problem, save the Debug Logs (and the Support Info from the AP they were on if known, from Monitor::Access Points).
Share these with our support team and we may be able to get to the bottom of the connection issues.

Esteemed Contributor II
And are you on the latest ZD1200 firmware?  R510 model APs are supported.

Save a Backup before your upgrade, and add digits to the filename to remind you what version you backed up from.

We are up to date, as it was rolled out and updated in may