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Wireless broadband at a site with out any cable or fiber

New Contributor
Hello All—

I am Chris and I am an engineer that works for a construction firm. We are located in a remote area and do not have access to any type of wired high speed internet. I am looking for an alternative to our current DSL that is slow and cuts out every time that we get a fax. I am a little unsure of how to get wireless internet using Ruckus equipment. There are a few cell towers near our office. I would love to just buy a Ruckus product, mount, configure it, and point it at a cell tower to get faster internet, but I know it is probably not that easy. Could I get some direction in how a Ruckus product could help us get faster wireless broadband internet? Could I also get some basic considerations for the architecture of this system?



Chris Sparber

New Contributor III
Hi Chris,

Ruckus has several set of Indoor and outdoor Access points which can give a better, faster WiFi connections which can be managed by a controller[Zone Directors].

The Ruckus ZoneFlex 7731 is the first centrally-managed, outdoor
point-to-point and point-to-multipoint bridge that unleashes the
promise of 5GHz 802.11n, delivering unparalleled throughput.
Backhaul throughput of over 100 Mbps opens opportunities to
new business models, bridging remote locations and providing
broadband services to locations not reachable before, in an
affordable way.

Click the below link to view the data sheet for ZF 7731.

All the best.

Valued Contributor II
Chris - it sounds like you really want a hotspot (wifi-cellular bridge). We have one, but it's designed for our carrier customers (but if you need 1000+ units we should talk..)

I hate to steer you off our products, but if you don't have a very large number of people at that office, there are consumer grade "mifi" style devices that are designed to handle up to 5-10 devices.

The product we sell ( ) might be available from a local carrier so that might be worth checking on if you have a larger office (this product could handle up to 256 devices if there's sufficient cellular capacity)

New Contributor III
Too bad one needs a minimum 1000+ units to use the ZoneFlex 7321-U (which uses a 3G/4G dongle as the WAN). That would be the easiest thing.

Perhaps a Cisco RV cheapo router, using the USB port to plug in a USB modem?

Your choice of ZF AP will plug in to the router LAN, then serve your office.

I would:
1. Identify which 3G,4G, LTE connections are available, fastest, and consistent from inside your office's "network closet".
2. Once you have your provider selected,, verify if you can get a USB modem dongle that will work at the highest speed possible from this list:
3. Buy the modem, buy the router, get the modem activated (usually this means its SIM card) and configured with your router and test.
4. Configure router and AP and test.

Caveat: If 3G/4G is too slow or unstable, perhaps getting a bonded 4G router (from Peplink). Disable their weak wi-fi and install a far superior ZF.

OR, perhaps one of the carriers that are serving your area HAS a relationship with Ruckus already and actually have a 7321-U for, uh, testing? Long shot, for sure, but it might be!