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Who knows Best encrypt ions and configurations for up to 3000 users?

New Contributor III
Dear Sirs, we are covering an event for more than 3000 users with 8 SSIDs and up to 25APs = R600 x6, R510x4 and T300 x15 using available APs. We are pushing 1gbps data but the wifi speed is too poor. We detected interference from within and environs 90 rogue APs, and turned down 10 APs got slight improvements but we are not getting our desired result.
1. Please who can suggest the best Ruckus config to enhance radio performance in a high density users and noisy environment with up to 90 Rogue APs detected. The best encryption for such environment and best interference  mitigation configs? 
2. Who knows if tunneling will help, if yes how?
3. To reduce radio activities, We had increased background scanning to 300seconds, what best shall we do here.
4. Do we use "smart monitor" option

Who is a guru in high density users and noisy environment configs, settings and encryptions, please help us with your professional advise and suggestions

New Contributor
Thats a lot of SSID's