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Separate Guest VLAN but captive portal only in default VLAN; ZD1100

New Contributor III

We've got a ZD1100 at one of our sites and a ZD1200 at the other.  The site with the ZD1200 has the Guest WLAN on a separate VLAN and works perfectly.

However, I've tried to separate our Guest WLAN onto a separate VLAN at our site with the ZD1100 and even though the configuration is virtually identical:-

  • DHCP works all the way back to the firewall that provides DHCP;
  • yet users aren't redirected to the captive portal.
  • Users can access the captive portal by typing the IP address;
  • but once authenticated, users' traffic isn't showing up on the firewall's policy monitor.
How does the captive portal redirection work - what could cause it not to work on a different VLAN?  (Works fine on our ZD1200 network with a newer firmware)

Once on the VLAN and authenticated, I would have thought we'd have no trouble accessing the Internet through the firewall (which is also the gateway address on this VLAN).

Any help/thoughts would be much appreciated!