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Whatsapp Voice Notes over VLAN not working

New Contributor
In this new deployment we have a very simple setup. Two SSID with VLANs, one internal and one public.

The internal SSID VLAN has a properly configured firewall with its own internet connection, this VLAN is VLAN 1 and is untagged, so far; this will change when we fix the issues we have.

The public SSID VLAN, has a simple ADSL modem on it which does the routing and DHCP. It has no internet access restriction or access restriction. This is VLAN 55.

The thing is when we connect to the public SSID we have internet access, we can also use whatsapp, send messages, pictures, videos, we can even make calls but cannot send voice notes. It get stuck sending the message with no success.

When we connect to the private SSID, everything works.

We have even tried using "Tunnel WLAN traffic to ZoneDirector" with no success either.

I have spent several weeks trying to resolve this issue as customers get really mad when they cannot send this notes.

Will greatly appreciate your input! Thanks!