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Virtual Smartzone - High Scale = Event Threshold all 90%

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Hi Guys,

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3fd135b77e24790bbeb_c634c0c435948c91e010120667a956fe_RackMultipart201908051136611pl-0c119744-1e27-48c7-901f-907cce012a2e-1496428351.png1564970885
I need your suggestion or recommendation to decrease the threshold value of the vSZ. There were times that it causes our vSZ to be unusable or we cant logon to the vSZ it says "server is too busy, Please try again" Would increasing the allocated vRAM, vCPU and vHD would lessen the threshold value?? thanks

Here is the current specs of the VM. Thanks.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3fd135b77e24790bbeb_39f3712ed58409d113479d3ba8cf70f3_RackMultipart20190805115106vuh-410d59b3-13ae-4298-aca6-a3f10ecdc14e-742537814.JPG1564971340

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Those thresholds only set the alarm level. They should not cause the system to be unreachable. You seem to be using HD and not SSD based storage for your VM. That could potentially be a problem. You're also using thin provision disks or so it seems which can hurt io performance especially on nonSSD situations. Also, how oversubscribed is your hypervisor ram and CPU? And what physical CPU you have ? Home many real cores and of which type and how many other VMs are there on the same host?

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Hi guys Disk usage threshold exceeded] Disk usage threshold [81.52%] exceeded on control plane, how should clean this alarm and expend disk usage?