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Unsupported AP Models

New Contributor III
Hi everybody,

This may seem like a silly question, but I would just like confirmation of my assumption.

We have our production vSZ-H still running on 3.6.x.x. We are looking to upgrade to 5.1.2 to get some of the ICX switch management features available to us.

I've been through the release notes and the only thing of major concern is that the R300 AP's are on the list of 'Unsupported AP Models', and we have some of these out in the wild.

I would assume that if we upgrade, these AP's will simply no longer be able to connect to our vSZ and become unusable, but I can't find anything that tells me exactly that.  And with the newer version still being able to support the older 3.6 AP firmware versions, there is a small part of me that wants clarification the R300's will 100% just stop working if we upgrade? 

That's fine if that's what will happen, it gives me a business case to go back with to get these AP's upgraded, I just need to be sure.


Contributor III
Hi Chris,

Please check the relase notes and follow supported upgrade paths, then once upgraded the Zones don't upgrade unless you upgrade them, upgrading vSZ to 5.1.2 supports upto three previous major builds.

Please check the below document,

Abilash PR.

New Contributor II
Hi Chris, 

there is no problem  on the moment. We had a similar situation overhere, we're running vsz-hs 5.1.x upgraded from 3.6.x.
you can safely upgrade to 5.1.x. after that is finished, you have to manual upgrade each zone where it's possible.
you can do this safely, when there is a unsupported model in the zone you get a warning and the upgrade of the zone is stopped


New Contributor III
Thanks Niko,

So you upgraded from 3.6.x to 5.1.x with some AP's that were on the unsupported AP list, and they continue to work on 5.1.x quite happily as the zone is still on the 3.6.x AP firmware?

Just want to be sure about this before I look at any kind if upgrade, we're talking ~100 access points that I can't afford to kill!


Valued Contributor II
This is correct, upgrading the controller does not automatically upgrade a zone. In fact a zone containing unsupported APs will refuse to let you upgrade the zone until unsupported APs are moved out. You can create multiple zones, one for your older APs and one for your newer ones, if you want to take advantage of new features.

Just note that if you ever have to clean install your controller again, you have to follow a similar upgrade path and can’t just start with 5.1.1 or later. The only way to get the option to use v3.6.x is to have previously been on 3.6 and upgraded to a newer version.