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SZ300 fw 5.1.x with many errors (WiFi Event)


We manage an event with the SZ300 fw 5.1. An event with 106 AP's, and we've seen some differences that are not yet clear if I should open a TAC support, or if I can get any common denominator here in the forum:

1 - Latency failures (even with few users), and connection failure constantly in distinct AP's.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f3135b77e2478f686c_327e6f654f1dfa7130f3f5102b4144b4_RackMultipart201905017305vbp7b-21aabc66-cb03-4681-9cc2-3a4d90e9e0d5-1678181684.png1556723677

2 - Constant channel change (Background Scanning) set to 600s (10 minutes).
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f3135b77e2478f686c_a38176bfa91ef5d3d28c3fc21d94c759_RackMultipart2019050173058g4ip-4608f405-bb61-4d22-a3b6-02e398dd1aed-633907053.png1556723718

3 - Failures without logging in AP: Where are the error logs, failure reasons (failure to join, dhcp handshake failure, open / wpa2 network failure, reassociation failure ...), have not I found them?
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f3135b77e2478f686c_7a7f3cff20cd282bf92f1b948a22c77a_RackMultipart20190501679031ddt-73faf003-89d9-4cc3-bbd7-1fe486225411-332565314.png1556723783

4 - The AP packet capture file came empty (tried 3 times, and collected in times apart), collection for approximately 15 minutes.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f3135b77e2478f686c_08f15db24f8f26647007573a2a4a8360_RackMultipart2019050193988wj6o-b7b5bc8b-5fba-49eb-b372-fe1fc3b8fd4f-1591162192.png1556723804

5 - A large amount of entries (log) of the same user in SZ that does not fit the reality. The user is on the same AP, even MAP, but is being disconnected and connected again, why? How do I find out if some channel change is due, if it is some application that it is using, and what causes wlc to log off and connect again, since it remains with the IP address. I discard roaming because it is only in 1 AP.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f3135b77e2478f686c_25ab1ac53dacc9611c4314ed2dd8a748_RackMultipart201905011185081ul-9227e101-b803-411e-955f-846e625e4097-1781724671.png1556724127

6 - The same user of item 5, has 5 sessions in SCI. I need to know what the metric is, because in the view of the controller this user is unique, but why in history does he report with 109 entries in the SZ300, and "only" 5 sessions in SCI? What is being evaluated? This scenario is with all my clients, and the numbers are dissenting.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f3135b77e2478f686c_9a41870e0228ba350f375a117baa6fd1_RackMultipart20190501397422elk-39723262-1389-4e55-9da9-125e40af9b61-1007902452.png1556723871

NOTE: The session iddle time-out setup was for 5 minutes at this event, but wpa2 clients reported on the difficulty of connecting after the downtime, a very untypical scenario.

Regarding customer discrepancy, I've already noticed in SCG200, but with respect to the other items, I'm thinking that version 5.1 might be the offender.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f3135b77e2478f686c_185fdc276486e22f81478e42e122bab0_RackMultipart20190501341891899-db2c5c47-89c7-492c-92fb-a0d19d732cf5-974228044.png1556723893

But what I really need to look at is all the AP traffic. in both frequencies

MAC address filter is used to filter for a particular client MAC you want to look for, it is not the AP mac address. 
You also need to setup wireshark to receive the pcap from your particular AP
create a new remote interface where the host is your AP IP addr. 

Also, wireshark needs to be version 2.6.7 or earlier.

Take a look here

For #1, have you modified the default behavior for latency metrics? 
On your dashboard, Health section, click the "gear" icon and click on AP status. You will see the different measurements and criteria, I believe latency by default is set 150ms. Modifying these settings will have an effect on your AP status page. 

For #2 - many factors can contribute to this, best to open a TAC case to see what's going on under the hood. BG will change channels depending on a multitude of factors and scan intervals

For #3 I believe "historical connection failures" needs to be turned on in the zone for this to work.

For #4 - see above

For #5 - check the configured metrics in #1 but for client disconnections. Also you can select the AP, click on More and you will have a troubleshooting section and/or ability to download support logs for that AP. You can do the same on the client side to see what is going on. TAC case to help go under the hood would help as well.

For #6 - Could be related to disconnection/connection so different session starts/stops and times.

Best to open a TAC case because if you think there is a bug, they would be able to find it. 


Hi, pmonardo!

Thanks for the explanation, I'm setting up a lab to refine the metrics / flags following your tip.
In parallel, as we will have other events (Game XP - Rock In Rio), I activated Rucus support to help us.

Sorry for the delay, but was absent and responsible for the integration of Aruba, and Meraki here in our park.

Thank you very much in advance!!

New Contributor
I am trying to install the drivers to set the wifi but there is an unknown error code called Mac Error Code 43, I got help from however, detailed information and solution about this error will be appreciated.