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Campground Installation over 73 acres

New Contributor II
We are finally upgrading from terrible dsl ISP to a dedicated 1GB fiber line to our business. We currently employ a dated mesh pico ap system utilizing several bridges to span our 73 acres and 200 campsites. We are part of several trade groups with other campground owners across the US who have recommended Ruckus over UniFi hardware. Please advise us on recommend installers in our area (Rome, PA 18837) and equipment generally used in this application. Ideally we will hard wire most of the AP's this time around with fiber. 

Contributor III
HOWDY! as someone with experience in both products, I feel you've made a great choice!. Bridging can be problematic, however, it can save costs and be reliable depending on factors like Line of Site, power, quality of cabling, weather, etc.
As someone who's been to many Campgrounds, I can tell you I work out of my Travel Trailer quite a bit, and there is nothing (for me at least) more frustrating than Bad Wi-Fi.
I quickly looked up low voltage companies in your area and didn't find much, Looks like you've got a few electricians though, and they may be Certified with various Wi-Fi products, and or good enough with the installation of these products to offer guidance or suggestions. 
my question is this, are you planning on radio'ing for all 73 acres? Do you have RG6(coax cable) pulled to these campsites already? If so, you might be able to save your self quite a bit of cash.

New Contributor II
Thanks for the prompt response! I would like to cover the vast majority of the camp except for the 18 acre in the middle of the property, but particularly areas with sites on them. The ISP plans to help with initial hard wire installation of the fiber and I'm not particularly concerned with initial fiber cost vs long term reliability. More than anything, I'm looking for consult on which AP's will be sufficient and their range in determining the quantity required for our space. From my forum research, the T300 series is generally used in this application. Its also my understanding that Ruckus equipment isn't typically sold direct to the end user, especially with warranty and support attached. 

Contributor III
I'm sure Ruckus_Corp will have answers for you in the morning, 
By the way, I LOVE camping! And every time I go to a campground with terrible wifi, I fantasize about punching in Ruckus APs and being the hero of the Luau! Your project sounds hyper exciting. Keep us posted on your progress!!!

Valued Contributor
Hi Jake,

Many thanks for your post.

I've brought your message to the attention of our Systems Engineer in the area.  He's currently on vacation but will pick this up on Monday, your local time.

I'm based in the UK and have sucessfully installed Ruckus in many 'Holiday Parks' (as we call them in the UK), with the results usually exceeding the expectation of the Park Owner and his customers. We have a range of Wi-Fi access points, controllers and Ethernet switches from which to build your new network.

As you state; Ruckus does not sell direct to end-user customers. For this we would put you in contact with one of our authorised resellers, who will be able to work with you through the project, to ensure you get all the assistance you need, resulting in a high-performance network to keep your visitors happy!

Also note that Ruckus is now part of Commscope, so we will have a solution for your fiber LAN requirement.

Best regards and good luck with the project!