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SZ100 and r500 APs experiencing random latency issues

New Contributor III

We have SZ100 on the latest firmware ( and APs on firmware (

Everything has been working great until the end of June 2021. 

Randomly we have latency issue appear on the 2.4G.  The issues comes and goes without any reason.

The campus is large and some remote buildings that have <8 connections have experienced this latency issue.

Ruckus support is trying to tell me that a new site survey is needed and wireless analyzing tool would be needed to figure this out.

I would somewhat agree if the issues stayed in one area but since this issue randomly moves around from AP to AP and at time one or two can be affected and other time 6 or 8 could be having latency issues.

From some research that has been done, the AP CPU levels spike to 100% but reason for this has not been explained by support other than to say it is broadcast traffic and/or multicast traffic causing the issue.

We have wireless networks on separate VLAN as well.   Lastly there is nothing else being affected by any latency and/or network congestion.