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Issue with pre-configuring R500 APs

New Contributor III

Hi - I'm having an issue with trying to get a few R500 APs to preconfigure (in my office) for connection to a ZF3050 controller at another location. Typically I'm able to run putty, connect/log into the device, and run the command "set director IP, it says it needs to reboot, and it's done. I take it to the location, connect it to the network, it recognizes the controller, I assign an IP, it updates the firmware on the AP to version 9.8 and I'm done.  Now, when I attempt to pre-configure, it displays a message "command is not recognized: set director ip". I've reset the device to factory defaults (factory default firmware version is on the AP and the firmware on the ZD is build 58), and still get the message. I've even tried the command "set discovery-agent enable", with the same exact result "command is not recognized: set discovery-agent enable". Does anyone know what could be going on here? I'm not sure why its not recognizing these commands. It's not for just one, it's happening on several I have here. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!