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Ruckus with Fortigate firewall

New Contributor
Hello People ,
Greeting of the Day. I very beginner in IT area. I have Ruckus Wireless access point and i have to give access to Guests (which i already have done that how to do that) we have Cisco environment with VSS working. 
client --------> AccessPoint------> Switch------->Vss Switch----->Fortigate------>DSL ----->Internet
now i dont understand where should i have to make new VLAN for guest in VSS Switch or in Fortigate.  Second is what should i do with fortigate how can i make rules and which things have to allow the traffic with this and how to configure fortigate. .
I know its a very basic and childish question but please if any one have time let me know . I will be very thank full. Attached is picture of the Topology and that is only my idea . if any one have another idea please comment below   🙂

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3d9135b77e2478ad03b_081066d4a9aa1b9e10f530e7e529831c_RackMultipart201804264710174jb-0da5eec5-9891-4bff-9bea-f67736b7e8bf-2030219868.JPG1524731078

to place guest clients on Guest VLAN the AP must be configured to tag client traffic for the Guest SSID. 
The AP’s port on the switch must be configured such that Guest VLAN is available and tagged (trunk port).
The router (it seems to be your VSS Switch) must be configured such that the Interface VLAN with the same number.

So, the AP tags Guests packets, switch forwards them to the router and at last the router untags and routs packets to the internet or between anothe VLANs. 

Gruß von Dresden 🙂