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Ruckus Unleashed AP says it only supports a maximum of 25 Access .

New Contributor
I have  version installed on all access points but the Access Point list states: Maximum 25 APs support . Shouldn't it be limited to 50 and not 25 as of version 200.7+? Does it have to do with hardware limitation, I am running the R500s only in the network. How can I increase the AP count, I currently have 32 in place bu

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As long as any wave-1 AP (R310/500/600, T301) is present, the limit is 25.  It's 50 if all APs are wave-2.  I think the limit was increased again (maybe 200.8?) to 128 but I don't recall the details.

I thought it was a mistake on my part and enabled gateway mode so I reset the network to factory. Now I know it is a definite hardware restriction, so this changes my plan of action. Thank you.

Hi Lucio,

It is a limitation with wave-1 APs. Refer the What's New document for 200.7 here.

You can buy a ZD1200 and manage upto 150 APs. R500 is still supported on the latest ZD version 10.4.1. Find the data sheet here for ZD1200 and release notes of 10.4.1 from here.

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