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Where do I find WPS controls?

New Contributor II
Hello all. I have a zone director 1112 and am trying to connect my cable boxes to it. The cable company tells me to turn on WPS and then they will connect. I can not find ANYTHING called WPS when I am connected to the Zonedirector. Anyone know where that is so I can turn it on?   Thank you...Frank

Valued Contributor II
WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setupthere is nothing in ZD controller for WPS... its usually found in SOHO internet routers..what all devices you have in your network apart from controller and AP... there must be some internet modem or router... you should find something for WPS there...
btw - what are you trying to do or acheive??

New Contributor II
I am trying to hook up wireless cable tv boxes and they told me that I have to turn on WPS to allow the cable boxes to "talk" to my network so they can join it. I have the router/modem that came from FIOS but I believe that it is setup in "bridge" mode so I can also have a separate router that handles all my network stuff. 

    Then maybe they suggested enabling WDS mode, but not all third party devices are compatible with Ruckus 4 MAC exchange method.  What's commonly used, disabling directed-dhcp, might allow bridged client DHCP requests to go across.  We have a knowledge base article with instructions here:

Unfortantly this link not working anymore: We're sorry, but something went wrong.We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.

Trying connect 2 devices with WPS.